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Aleksandra Dojcinovic at the ACAP conference in NYC

With the world slowly but surely returning to normal after two pandemic and very challenging years, the ACAP (Association of Croatian American Professionals) conference in NYC, in which our Alex also took an important part, meant that some brighter days are finally upon us. ACAP is an organization offering entrepreneurs and experts from a variety of fields and of Croatian origin numerous opportunities for professional advancement, promotion and cooperation which, in the last six years, gathered together over two thousand professionals from different branches.

On this occasion, the Croatian start-up scene met in NYC and I am extremely proud I was part of the event, because I was able to see first-hand how fantastic those companies are, especially if you consider the fact they come from such a small country as Croatia. Each of us brought there a story of our own, an impression of work from our personal perspective, and my goal, being the only woman from the fashion and textile industry there, was to emphasize some important facts and problems my profession is facing today. Also, I pointed out the importance of passing on knowledge onto future generations, while teaching them about some forgotten values and how big may be to return the debt to the society that created you and helped you grow - says Alex.

This was not Aleksandra's first meetup with start-up companies. Already, as a part of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year project, of which she is a proud member and which greatly influenced her entrepreneurship and business path, she had an opportunity to work with them before. The ACAP conference in New York was just another confirmation of the fact that the Croatian start-up scene is progressively developing in the best possible direction.

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