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Leilou world

Ever since Lei Lou appeared on the Croatian market in 2007 and thanks to the well thought-out business strategy of its creative director and owner Aleksandra Dojcinovic, the brand records steady growth in all business segments. 

Imagined as a brand to suit every woman, regardless of her age or dress size, with time it grew into one of the most positive business stories in Croatia, as evidenced by leading positions in several segments of work, from sales, through presence in the media and on all relevant social networks, to social responsibility work, which all make Lei Lou a distincitve and original fashion story.


Aleksandra Dojcinovic started designing very early, taking her first serious steps as a designer in her teenage years, which means that much before the formal establishment of the brand in 2007, in her earliest visions Lei Lou has already been the brand dedicated to dresses. 

Today it is much more than just that, for out of it grew one whole new philosophy of the contemporary Croatian fashion resulting in, besides three own stores in Zagreb, Split and Stuttgart, presence in more and more countries worldwide.


Fashion design itself is just a part of Aleksandra's various activities. Thanks to the fact that she is a successful business woman in Croatia, she often gives lectures and public speeches to students and future managers about her business rise. Behind Lei Lou are numerous successful and ongoing collaborations with world-renowned brands, such as Opel, Pepsi, Kevin Murphy, CND, Technomarket, Diamanty Per Tutti, Havaianas, Heineken, Becks, Diners, P&G…

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